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13 Dec 2023


Leading Scotch whisky producer The GlenAllachie has released four exclusive Single Cask Single Malts in celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

Spearheaded by legendary whisky maker of 50 years, Billy Walker, the Speyside-based distillery is renowned for its use of quality and unusual oak casks for maturation.

The landmark bottlings include a 2007 Pedro Ximénez puncheon (cask #800165), a 2008 Ruby Port hogshead (cask #2587), a 2011 Oloroso puncheon (cask #927) and a 2006 virgin oak barrel (cask #800641).

Each cask was carefully monitored, analysed and personally selected by Walker from an enviable inventory of over 50,000 casks spanning 16 on-site warehouses.

Casks in The GlenAllachie warehouse

Presented at 58.1% ABV, the 2007 Pedro Ximénez puncheon showcases Walker’s flair for Sherry cask maturation. With a rich mahogany hue and flavour attributes of dark chocolate, toffee apple and hazelnut, just 700 bottles exist across Asia.

The 2008 Ruby Port hogshead was expertly obtained from a boutique producer in Portugal before hosting The GlenAllachie spirit. A more youthful and vibrant style of Port, ageing the whisky in this cask has delivered floral, fruity and nutty tones to the 320 bottles created at 55.6% ABV.

Yielding 680 bottles at 57.8% ABV, the 2011 Oloroso puncheon was selected for its exceptional flavour profile, fit for such a momentous occasion. Maturation in this rich cask has imbued the spirit with rich aromas of mocha and orange, whilst the palate offers up smooth butterscotch and ginger characteristics.

The 2006 virgin oak barrel, with just 242 bottles available, was toasted and charred to a medium level to “open up the wood” before ageing The GlenAllachie. The ensuing whisky, bottled at 58.3% ABV, bursts with notes of rose water, poached pear and toasted almonds.

As is the case with all GlenAllachie Single Casks, each is proudly bottled at its cask strength, natural colour and non-chill filtered.

Remarking on the launch, Walker shares:

“I’m immensely proud to have released these four exceptional Single Cask Single Malts for Asia in celebration of the Lunar New Year following many months of intensive planning and preparation. A number of casks were carefully considered and analysed over time to ensure we did the auspicious Year of the Dragon justice with our final selection. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and hope each bottle brings its drinker good luck and health as they move into the new year.”

The Year of the Dragon Single Casks follow previous exclusive bottlings for Asia, including a 10-year-old Ruby Port Wood Finish released in August.

In September, The GlenAllachie announced its new peated single malt brand, Meikle Tòir, with a portfolio of four products: The Original, The Sherry One, The Chinquapin One and The Turbo 2023 Edition.

The GlenAllachie Year of the Dragon Single Casks are available from specialist retailers in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong.