The GlenAllachie Single Casks

2010 Cask #804024 Oloroso Puncheon

We’re delighted to present our eighth batch of single casks specially selected for the UK, each demonstrating the unique interaction of the wood, spirit, and subsequent flavour extension.

Originating from Jerez, a city in the Spanish province of Cádiz, Oloroso is a darker, drier style of Sherry which directly translates to “scented” in English. A fitting namesake, maturation in this particular Oloroso puncheon (2010, #804024) has imbued our spirit with rich aromas of oak and freshly roasted chestnuts, whilst the palate offers up indulgent dark chocolate and layers of smooth caramel. Boasting an intense mahogany hue, our signature honeyed spirit has been elevated to exude sheer Sherried opulence.

Bottled at 61.7%, unchillfiltered and natural colour, this expression is available exclusively in the UK.

Tasting Notes


Intense Mahogany.


Waves of heather honey, fruit & nut chocolate, ginger and baking spices, with notes of espresso and vanilla.


Bursting with nutmeg, hazelnuts and butterscotch, followed by apple peel, chocolate shavings and dark roast coffee.

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