The GlenAllachie Single Casks

2009 Cask #3712 Sauternes Barrique

We’re delighted to present our seventh batch of single casks specially selected for the UK, each demonstrating the unique interaction of the wood, spirit, and subsequent flavour extension.

Famed for sourcing casks from niche producers, Billy acquired this particular Sauternes Barrique (2009 #3712) from a winery in South-West France. This French oak cask previously held Sauternes, a dessert wine which originates from Bordeaux. As well as bestowing a golden glow to the spirit, this cask has imparted elegant flavours of stone fruit and sweet spices upon the classic honeyed GlenAllachie spirit.

Bottled at 59.4%, unchilfiltered and natural colour, this expression is available exclusively in the UK.

Tasting Notes


Golden Amber.


Bursting with heather honey, citrus and chocolate, with cinnamon, mocha and green apples.


Lashings of tropical fruit, honeyed apricots and butterscotch, followed by baking spices, marmalade and caramelised biscuit.

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